Vanilla or Chocolate? The age old debate!

It is a debate any ice-cream aficionado will already know and struggle with on a regular basis. A puzzling question which is just about as old as ice-cream itself. 

Which is better vanilla or chocolate? 

Often a heated (or frosty!) debate, it is important to clear the air, especially when it comes to a difficult decision like this.  Luckily, we have a strong contender that offers both flavours and it is a constant tug-of-war between the two – WheyO. It’s a tough contest, the veritable Mayweather-McGregor of the ice-cream world and WheyO takes the fight to another level with the increased nutrition each provides.

Both are healthy ice-creams but WheyO’s chocolate hits a little harder with its higher protein per serving (22.7g vs 20.1g) and slightly lower levels of sugar (1.2g vs 1.8g). Vanilla manages to parry with its classic vanilla flavour which is arguably more popular than the strong cocoa of chocolate. 

Internationally, vanilla is recognised as the most popular flavour.  On the other hand, chocolate ups the onslaught nutritionally, containing more dietary fibre and energy on top of the other nutritional blows it’s already landed. With a fibre content of 6.1g (1535kJ) in chocolate (1535kJ) vs vanilla 4.2g (1499kJ).

Chocolate’s superior energy delivery is evident in a study produced in the UK that has shown that it would require 25 tonnes of chocolate ice cream by-product and 27.5 tonnes of vanilla to power an average home.  In the face of this, the best that vanilla can do is to try and take the fight back to level ground. Both flavours are equal in terms of the amount of fat they provide and both have been naturally sweetened with xylitol.

It really comes down to whether vanilla’s flavour can get it back into the fight. The nutritional rounds have left it decidedly on the back foot and so far all it has in defence is the fact that chocolate will have slightly more calories due to its higher energy carrying capacity and its silky smooth, sweet flavour. As good and dependable as this is, chocolate fans will say they prefer the rich taste and smell of the cocoa chocolate holds; although on paper the stats do point to vanilla being more popular and thus the better flavour. 

Ultimately both flavours are great (it’s ice-cream!) and WheyO has ensured that both are healthy and can be eaten with a clear conscience. So don’t give either flavour the cold shoulder, eat them both.