6 Reasons to attend FICT 2017

1. The Setting:
One of the most beautiful venues for any sporting event in the city. Camps Bay High School comes with the best view in Cape Town which includes the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Twelve Apostle mountain range on the other. What more could one ask for?
2. The Gees:
One thing you can’t fault in the Crossfit community is the absolute unrelenting support they have for each other and the sport in the general.The connection between athletes and fans rivals any other sport out there. This connection is what makes the CrossFit community so great. There will be no shortage of cheering, shouting, chanting – you name it, this coming weekend.
3. The Athletes:
Let us not forget the most important people, the athletes.These world-class athletes are normal everyday humans just like you and I. Only these guys have been putting their bodies to the test training their butts off for this one all important weekend. There will be individuals as well as team events on the go so there will be no shortage of action.
4. Getting Behind the underdog:
There is always a great rookie story or underdog performance that gets the entire community yelling for someone no one knew the name of a few days earlier. These inspiring stories and herculean performances are some of the most exciting moments in the event, and brings the community together in the way that only a true underdog hero can.
5. Get Inspired:
What’s so cool about the sport is that the athletes we see at these events have risen up from the ranks of hundreds of CrossFitters around the country. They represent what it means to completely devote yourself to your craft, and the athletes who make it to the event have typically overcome great struggles to get there. Feeling guilty about not sticking to those New Years resolutions, how much more inspiring can you get?


6. The Delicious Ice-cream 
Last but not least, lets not forget that we will be there keeping all the athletes and spectators refreshed and refuelled without any of the guilt. We’ve got a few exciting things up our sleeves. Cant wait to see you all there!