How it all began

WheyO is a company built from 3 friends Sean, Lloyd and Stuart (more commonly known as Blackie). It all seemed written in the stars with Sean being the personal trainer, Lloyd the finance guru and Blackie the touch rugby specialist with a passion for all things sport.

With all the guys having a love for health and fitness, but at the same time having a rather large sweet tooth, the idea came about in 2014.

A few clicks on good ol’ Gumtree and it arrived – our first ever counter top ice cream machine.

We won’t lie, it took plenty of research and nearly 2 years of intense recipe experimentation. This is purely down to the fact that the guys were working their day jobs, along with various other commitments. Nearly giving up on the project about 4 times when those commitments had to take priority. START UPS AINT EASY!

We persevered and persevered until we eventually settled on something we were happy with…not easy when there are 3 of you. The next step was to get it nutritionally tested and the big job of coming up with THE BRAND. With any new product the look and feel is just as important as the taste.

We needed it to look fun, we wanted to get across the fact it was a healthier alternative to normal ice cream as well as a ‘guilt-free treat’. We didn’t want it to be seen as being a supplement brand whatsoever but that it does get the job done.  

With all this information we passed on to our trusty designer and friend, Sam, who came up with what you see today… We think he did a pretty good job!

Next up was where to produce our product en mass. This I’ll have you know also wasn’t an easy task, with most other companies putting themselves first, there wasn’t an easy in. Yet again perseverance paid off and we eventually found one of Cape Towns original artisan ice cream connoisseurs, Cherylle Cowley, owner of The Nice Company. She’s been in the business for over 20 years and arguably one of the first in Cape Town to make peanut butter ice-cream. It was a match made in ice-cream heaven and was the perfect place for WheyO to begin.

After getting the approval of family and friends it was time to find some stockists. Boy, did it feel good when we finally saw it on the shelves!

After years of giving up and starting again it was great to finally see it out there. The rest, as you say, is history.