Startups ain’t easy. Especially when it’s ice-cream!

The word “startup” gets thrown around quite viciously these days and for many it seems like “the dream job”. Pour all your effort, time and love into a project that you are passionate about, and out pops a successful and sustainable business. This is most certainly not the case.

A startup is in essence a trial in which you have a product, (in our case ice-cream) which you believe will add value to the customer. How you go about finding what customers want from your product is another story – some call it market research, we call it client interaction.

In our case, we believe that people want to make a healthier choice regarding ice-creams and should have that option. The benefits of having a sugar free option far outweigh the sugar-laden products we are exposed to these days. Our ice cream, made with all natural ingredients offers a much healthier alternative that we feel passionately about.

We are a startup. We conceptualised and developed a product from scratch, did all the necessary legwork to get that product to a place that we are proud of and followed due process to be able to get it into the your hands, the consumer. This process wasn’t easy, we are talking labels from Turkey, inspiration from Germany, tubs from Epping and of course locally sourced ingredients. 

It’s a journey and a tough one at that. One thing that never waivers is the belief in the product and the belief that we are adding value to the customer. 

With so many other opportunities in the startup game we decided to take the narrow road and create a product that is traditionally “seasonal” and obviously always needs to be frozen. But most importantly a product that we believe in and are highly passionate about, a product called WheyO.